Cameron, 17

I enjoyed POT because it was about modern society and was particularly relatable for me personally. The play revolved around gang culture and, despite not being part of a gang myself, this related with me as I know people close to me who are. But what I liked most about POT was that it focused on the female role within gangs, and how women gang members are often manipulated by male members to believe that they would do anything for them. The play was completely different to anything else that I had seen in the theatre before, as you could tell from the audience that POT was targeted at young people rather than conforming to the stereotype that theatre is for older generations – even the actors were young! The themes explored in POT are common themes of the so called ‘street life’ but this isn’t spoken about in the news. All we ever hear in the news about our generation is that drill music has turned us into cold blooded killers and it’s the root cause for all the knife crime in London at the moment. This wasn’t addressed in POT; in POT we learn about the role of women in gangs, and we are forced to question the reasons why some people may be forced into that lifestyle rather than actively choose it. To be honest, POT proves that theatre is adapting itself to attract younger people, to not only watch plays, but to also be involved and help raise awareness of modern-day issues.