Kwesi, 16

As a person who is very free and doesn’t like the constraints of time, I thought that The Clock was a very odd exhibition. Christian Marclay stated that “Time is at the centre of everything we do. As much as it is an artificial construct – in some ways it’s pretty abstract – it is a reality that we all synch to, and we conduct our lives to that rhythm.” This is very true for the majority of people; I ,too, can struggle with deadlines and often lose track of time. For example, when asked to write this review I spent a lot of time that could’ve been spent on the review itself, simply procrastinating! The Clock emphasises how the artificial concept of time governs our lives heavily. Time definitely does have some sway over my person, even when considering the most basic instincts like my body clock. I found The Clock to be strange at first, but I think it is an interesting concept. When watching the 24hr film I found myself getting irritated, because the lack of a plot confused and annoyed me. Even though the exhibit jarred me to some extent, I did receive the message and I was able to formulate opinions and ideas based on it. It took me a while to understand that art is very subjective and doesn’t just have to be a painting or a sculpture. The Tate Modern definitely enforces and emphasises this idea of art being subjective. Each piece is so unique and open to interpretation. I believe that art should be able to provoke emotions and ideas and The Clock definitely did this.