Monel, 17

Coming from a non-arts background, I was still able to appreciate the true work of Christian Marclay’s film, The Clock. At first glance, I wasn’t able to comprehend the level of intricacy behind the connoted ideas surrounding time. Evidently, one recurring semantic field shown throughout the film was existentialism. Watching the film, I pondered why we are here, wasting our time, watching a film about time – IS IT A WASTE OF TIME?! Marclay causes us to revaluate how we spend each of our precious minutes. To someone who has an inactive, disorganised lifestyle, watching the Clock came as a wake-up call and a reminder of the importance of time-management and making the most of every moment. To someone who may be stressed and overloaded, this film will  serve as a way for that individual to reassess their life and to take a step back to enjoy life in the present. In short, The Clocks main message is simple: Carpe diem.