Philip, 16

I actually didn’t think that I would enjoy The Clock when I first heard about it, as it is basically a compilation of clocks and the time in one continuous 24-hour movie. However, when I actually watched the piece, it was far more interesting than I originally thought it would be. The different snippets of movie clips kept me engaged throughout the 30 to 40 minutes that I stayed there, and the fact that it did this so well actually surprised me. In fact, despite not having a linear plot, The Clock was like a regular movie in some senses, due to the fact that it almost made hints at many mini storylines which provided infinite possibilities for interpretation. However, one thing that can definitely be noted is the fact that most of the scenes contrasted each other, the film would switch from a funny scene straight into a dramatic scene, which helped to keep me engaged. Also, looking out for the clocks was like a mini game. In short, The Clock was very interesting, and I would recommend seeing it as it was surprisingly engaging and entertaining. It’s a timeless piece and maybe if you go with friends you can see who can last in the cinema the longest!