Angelina, 16

The Jenny Holzer exhibition was engaging, fascinating and thought-provoking due to the different mediums she uses. She did not just paint a picture, but really thought of how she could get her message over to her audience. Holzer wants everyone to be able to understand her work instead of solely creating for an artist-based elite audience. The Truisms posters was one of her most captivating pieces; when you looked at them from afar it was overwhelming, I felt as if the sentences had the power to make the onlooker feel intimidated, until they were able to read the sentences up close. I also liked the aluminium plaque engraved with the phrase: ‘After dark it’s a relief to see a girl walking toward or behind you. Then you’re much less likely to be assaulted’.


For a woman reading this, it hits home how we still cannot walk around at night without having to be on high alert and do not go down dark places alone and when you do eventually see lots of people on a main road you can finally relax and feel safer. Overall, I really liked Jenny Holzer’s exhibition because her art was both accessible and easy to understand, but there were still some hidden meanings to decipher and make you think. Holzer’s art was non-traditional and has been so well crafted and so well thought out that everything in all the rooms had a clear and interesting purpose.