Brooke, 17

The Jenny Holzer exhibition had some larger pieces made from LED lights which I didn’t like due to the jarring flashing lights, which hurt my eyes and made it hard to read the phrases that were being shown. I wouldn’t recommend that anyone with photo sensitive epilepsy should go and view them. I think that my favourite part of her work was the large, spray paint paintings that showed dystopian looking scenes of trains and stations, with a phrase that suggested how we are not free because we are all capable of exploding. I thought this was very powerful and true as we all have the capability of breaking when we are pushed too far, leading to what would be our own self destruction. The idea of mankind’s own self-destructive tendencies was shown with the figures included in these pieces. They were painted in a ghostly fashion in an almost radioactive looking green colour, with expressions that can only be described as etched with complete pain and suffering. The whole thing had a Hiroshima vibe to it and I feel like it was meant to show the feelings that we all have in the modern day but that we cannot show due to the boundaries of society.