Hafsah, 16

Initially I thought that we were going to see fine art pieces such as paintings and sculpture, but when we arrived the art work was not what I expected. Jenny Holzer’s work used mixed media such as print and posters which subverts ideas on ‘classic art’. I gained the impression that her work reflected the theme of propaganda; one room was filled with bombarding words and vibrant colours, as if she was trying to say that through all this mass media consumption, it is hard to find yourself and know who to believe and trust, as society and the people in it can be deceitful. Additionally, in the first room of her exhibition there were poems focused on inner emotions and thoughts; I felt that these could symbolise a sort of preparation before we enter the world of ‘chaos’ to follow. Through social media and society, we can begin to lose ourselves, so through Holzer’s poems we gain reassurance of our emotions and develop a resistance against believing everything that is published. Her work links closely to modern society and its issues. More and more people are identifying freely as transgender or as having different identities outside of the binary. Holzer explores this through her digital piece which said, ‘don’t let technology control your sexual orientation’, suggesting that she understands the large influence technology has on the modern generation and how we need to step aside from it and be our own individuals. I think this is quite unique and welcoming.