Mauritius, 16

What I liked most out of Jenny Holzer’s pieces were the “protect me from what I want” plaque and the “raise boys and girls the same way” quote inscribed on a marble bench.

I liked the plaque because I believe people can get confused with what they want and what they need, leading to some people not considering the things that are most important and vital in life. I also liked the marble bench because the art was so interactive. At first, I thought the bench was just a normal abandoned seat in the gallery, but I then realised that it was a part of her artwork. I really liked this piece because it was really attractive, being marble, and I liked the idea of having an engraved message for visitors to interact with. I also believe in equality regarding race, age and especially gender. I appreciate Holzer’s mind-set of essentially “not identifying gender” as a reason to prejudge someone. Overall, I liked how all of her sculptures were interactive and unique when displayed to the public.