Olamide, 16

I have seen Holzer’s art before, as I visited Tate Modern just as summer ended. Yet seeing the same pieces of art work again was different, because it really dawned on me how many different interpretations or ideas you can get from looking at the same thing multiple times. I find that quite amazing. There are controversial quotes within her art, such as ‘You can only understand someone of your own sex’ and ‘Trading a life for a life is fair enough’, which could start heated arguments among people. I personally like this controversial aspect as it is not something that I have seen before, and not many people are willing to post or have controversial comments due to fearing criticism from the public, which can often take extreme forms. One piece that stood out to me the first time I saw it as well as the second was the framed quote ‘After dark it’s a relief to see a girl walking toward or behind you. Then you’re much less likely to be assaulted.’ The first time, I saw it as a true quotation, as no one actually realises that women think this way about things but unfortunately, we do, which is quite sad really. We discriminate in many ways without realising that we are doing so. The second time, I went deeper with my thoughts, thinking not only about the words but about the framing, colours, typography and the positioning used. The quote was not amongst the other framed quotes that lined one wall in the gallery. This framed quote was on its own, I believe this allows whoever is reading it to really digest the quote, the meaning, the representations and the self-awareness that comes with the quote itself. If this framed quote was amongst the rest, the quote would not be as effective or as thought-provoking. When you first read it seems like a simple quote, but as you digest it, it becomes so much deeper.