Philip, 16

Jenny Holzer’s exhibition featured condoms, LED lights and marble benches. I enjoyed this art because of its simplicity and the fact that it was so inviting. I found the glass case containing scientific and mathematical theories surrounding a row of condom packets with the phrase ‘men don’t protect you anymore’ to be very impactful as it has multiple layers of meaning. It could simply be a warning to people to protect themselves from STDs. Alternatively, it could be a commentary of how women are now able to control their own body in terms of what they are able to do, whether it be having children or focusing on their careers. This links to the rise in women rights and the numerous cultural, sexual and medical breakthroughs that have taken place in our society.

“ I enjoyed this art because of its simplicity and the fact that it was so inviting.”

Holzer’s art also explored the information overload that our society is faced with today; I particularly liked the slanted LED neon light suspended from the ceiling would continually display random sentences or phrases. I feel like the room which contained the large light display reflected the rush of information we get every day, from our phones, to the news or from school. A lot of the information we process every day is easily forgotten because there’s so much to actually process and so little time – this was reflected in the art. Whilst trying to figure out what the sentences were on the lights, I found that it was really difficult, either due to the words moving too fast or smudges that were created by the lights which warped the words making it literally impossible to read. I really enjoyed the Jenny Holzer exhibition as the atmosphere was much more relaxed than most other art galleries that I’ve been to. I felt as if people were talking freely in this exhibition space and I felt as if the area was more of a gathering instead of an actual exhibition. There were a lot of ways one could have interpreted her work and it captivated me in its simplicity and practicality. In short, the art was engaging, thought provoking and generally enjoyable.