Abisola, 16

Hearing the title, The Dark, made me think of what the play could be about. Thoughts ran through my head from dark experiences or things literally associated with the word ‘dark’. Firstly, the view of the stage really shocked me as although it was small, but the way in which the characters used it made it seem bigger than it was. The fact that there were only 2 actors playing 12 characters in total was AMAZING! Especially Akiya Henry who played a variety of roles from a pregnant lady to a male officer. In particular the quote: ‘stories are so important…they’re what separates use from the dark’ made me realise that it is very true, as the only way to overcome a situation is to tell someone and share your story so that you can just get it off your chest. Another quote I picked out was ‘women are the future, they call out bodies weak but was it not our wombs that bore our nation’ which was touching because as women we are consistently told that we are weak and all we should do is be submissive to men, but this play emphasised female empowerment and how it is important to be yourself no matter what you have been told. There were many themes that re-occurred throughout The Dark which were isolation, family circle, exile, freedom and civil war. These themes were so important as I felt like I was in the little boy’s shoes, and the fact that it was a personal story, with autobiographical elements, was very touching. In particular, the theme of isolation was major as throughout the play the little boy and his mum felt isolated; I saw how the civil war tears families apart leaving them with no one to turn to as everyone was facing their own problems – their own darkness. Overall, the play was very informative on what happened in Uganda at that time and how many people struggled before they came to Britain to try and change their lives around.