David, 16

I am not even going to lie to you, I thought The Dark was amazing. I was surprised by the amount of characters that were performed in the play, which consisted of only two actors who all managed to take on different character roles. This play was really good; it was an African based style where a mother and her son tried to get out of the dark to go and see the light, by emigrating from Uganda to the UK, but the dark was always one step ahead. The characters’ journey was a mystery yet to be solved, which built tension for all of the audience. My favourite part of the play was when the two actors played two African ‘road man’ type characters. They spat on the floor, used ‘road man’ talk and walked like a road man. The way the space of the theatre was used was very good. We could see how the actors used the entire space in the play. I thought that the props were also used to good effect. I felt that there was tension in the atmosphere when the father was hitting his own wife with passion; it made me feel like I wanted to hit him. I really enjoyed this play because you got to see how Uganda, its people and its politics, was presented back in those times. There was only one thing that I hated: when the lady behind me was laughing her hardest over the smallest joke.