Hafsah, 16

On hearing the name The Dark I first associated the play with the horror genre. However, once the play began the themes of the struggle for freedom, hardship and the reality of Idi Amin’s Uganda were depicted onstage. Actor Michael Balogun presented a range of personalities realistically, and through his ability to change personas and form new characters I was able to clearly see the different characters within the bus. Personally, I found Akiya’s acting amazing as she conveyed multiple characters with ease and was able to embody Mokah’s mother’s personality traits as well as other characters in the bus. She was very interesting and believable to watch. Additionally, the continuous shift from present day, when Balogun directly addressed to audience, to back to the Ugandan troubles of 1979 was impressive, as we were able to see the hardship that the characters went through in order to be free from potential death. Also, Balogun interacting with the audience at the very start of the play allowed me to gain a sense of trust, as he invited us into the story, telling us to close our eyes and use our imagination, and to see the play as if it was happening live through his storytelling