Mauritius, 16

For me The Dark was good but quite confusing. The storyline involved a group of Ugandans making their way to the UK and on their travels, they encountered an array of different people along the way, leading to only the mother and son reaching the UK border. The civil war occurring in Uganda from 1971-1979 explained the cause of this emigration. What I specifically enjoyed was the fact that the play only included two actors, leading to the audience members, myself included, being able to identify the actor’s different skills, as they changed into multiple different characters within the single performance. I also liked the use of in-cooperated props such as the projected screen, cultured clothes, a van, an airport and so much more. However, what I didn’t particularly enjoy was the confusion of scenes. I believe I would’ve enjoyed the play more if the scenes were clearer, even though I still enjoyed the concept of a two-actor play. Overall, I really enjoyed the message and it was different to watch a play with a story from an African background.