Murat, 17

With a play named “The Dark” you would assume that the lighting would be mediocre at best, but that assumption would be nullified the second you walk into the theatre. The impeccable use of directed lighting as well as appropriately coloured filters set the tone for the play immediately. However, I believe that for some scenes they over-dramatized the lighting, and I personally wasn’t a huge fan of some scenes that consisted of no lighting at all. The set however was well thought out; the concise use of the limited stage was utilized really well by the actors and they made sure that each corner of the stage was effectively used, whether it was for a tire shop or a rebel hideout. Unfortunately, the props were limited, using the same props but for different intentions was confusing at times (Was he holding a gun? Or a walking stick?). Either way I believe the stage was efficiently used which made for an amazing play. 2 actors playing 12 characters. I wasn’t a fan of this style of acting, it created confusion regarding characters which eventually led to each of us having at times totally different interpretations of the play’s plot. However, I believe the actors made up for the complicated plot with their amazing performances, which conveyed the story really well. I believe The Dark was well thought out, the set was amazing and Michael Baolgun and Akiya Henry are extremely talented actors. I did feel let down by as the props and the limited actors. I would however recommend it to those who prefer eccentric and unique methods of storytelling, unfortunately I prefer more traditional plays.