Rabbani, 16

I really enjoyed how The Dark used a lot of lighting effects and metaphors to create vivid ideas in the audience’s mind which could be inferred freely. I thought that the idea of escapism was presented throughout the play, as their journey was to escape the metaphorical darkness. The use of lighting was crucial in the final scene, where they finally made it to their end goal, and were in Heathrow. The bright light shone across the stage while they were questioned showed that they were perhaps at out of the dark at last. I really liked the ending as it was very unexpected. The use of interesting light was continuous, as the play ended with the bright lights beginning to flicker and fade away back to a pitch-black stage. This is significant as the story shows the journey of getting away from the ‘dark’ symbolizing the events that were happening in Uganda with the military, which the family succeed in escaping, but only to be brought into another symbolic darkness of being immigrants in the UK. I think that the bright light was used to signify hope, which I found really interesting as it built up hope within me that the story will end well, but that ‘hope’ begins to flicker and fade away, bringing a sense of a ‘false hope’. I also really liked how play followed a timeline, different dates and times were shown using a projector making it really clear for me to understand. This was in the effect of a film reel, highlighting that this was a partly autobiographical story ay, as the film reel would show the different memories of the writer. The reel also would be flickering, showing how the writer’s memories were not fully clear and that the event had occurred when he was very young.