Hafsah, 16

As it’s been three weeks since the trip, I can barely remember what the exhibition was about. This could possibly be because I found it slightly boring but also because it felt a bit bombarding and hard to take in. However, some pieces did stand out to me, such as Bedwyr Williams shoe collection. I thought that it touched on people’s judgement and possible stigmatisation based on the type of shoe you have. Showing multiple pairs of shoes may seem a bit strange in a ‘sophisticated’ gallery but as he places a mission statement above his work the piece seems to fit in better. ‘Walk a mile in my shoes before you judge me’ appears to be quite ironic, as even though he tells the viewer not to judge, judgement is inevitable especially when it comes to fashion. Although his piece was quite meaningful, I thought that the layout of the installation was confusing, as I couldn’t tell whether we were allowed to try on the shoes or not. In my opinion, one way to make this clearer for gallery visitors would be to have a small label on the wall which clarified the situation and invited visitors to engage freely with the art.