Hakim, 16

It was a very positive experience to learn more about different artists’ views and opinions towards several past and present world problems. Aleksandra Mir is an artist that was born in 1970 in Poland and worked in London. She artist created one of my favourite pieces Beauty Free in 2005.The use of felt tip pens in the piece made me think more about our political environment and how basic materials such as felt tips and paper can be used to suggest such deep ideas. When most people first look at the piece, they will see the outline of America and the words “Beauty Free”.

I think that the main political idea the artist wanted us to understand is that the southern states are here labelled “free”, the letters spelled out in stars from the country’s flag, while the northern states are threaded together by one long, continuous, looping stripe and form the word “beauty”. I had the idea that the northern states want the world to see them as great and beautiful no matter what, whereas the south focus more on the slaves and their fight for freedom. Overall, I felt that the Saatchi Gallery was a great place to visit and it made me think more about what the main purpose of art is both to the public and the artist.