Philip, 16

I feel as if Steve Bishop’s sculpture represents how we treat animals currently. I say this because many, or arguably all, animals have progressively become as insignificant as many household objects with examples of this being how we have bred animals like Chihuahuas.

They have been bred to the point that the raging balls of furs are used as accessories for hand bags, showing how much they have decreased in how we value them. This, in my opinion, is shown through the fact that the goat seems to almost fuse with the object as if it is a snapshot of the beginning of this blur in our perception of animal vs object. Moreover, it would make sense that it was a goat instead if a chihuahua that the artist uses to express this, as farm animals such as goats were the first to be turned into human property by early humans and civilisations. Furthermore, the object itself is quite ambiguous in its shape; I could not really tell what it was. I felt like this left it open to the public’s interpretation as to what is actually to blame for this progression on how we view animals. A similar interpretation I had was one of which humanity and its works are slowly but surely taking over nature and its works. Overall, I really liked this piece and its ambiguity.