Shakira, 16

When I first entered the Saatchi Gallery, I was slightly confused because usually when you go to an art gallery, everything is cordoned off with ropes, but this wasn’t the case here. Another way the Saatchi was different from usual art galleries was that intentions behind each piece were easily open to interpretation.

One of my favourite pieces was ‘Free Turn’ by Michael Cline because it felt like the longer you looked at it, the more there was to discover and see. Also, the medium used to portray the picture was common but what the picture itself depicted wasn’t. The actual meaning of the image is open to interpretation, and could be perceived in multiple different ways, which is one reason I enjoyed it. I decided that I wanted to look at it once more before we left, and when I did, I saw it differently than when I saw it when we first arrived at the gallery. At first, I thought it was just a man unconscious in a box, but when I returned at the end, I saw the more subtle details, like the word S.O.S in the cigarette smoke. The message I got was that the surface doesn’t always show the real story, which seemed to be a common theme within the gallery.