Aaron, 16

Before I walked in the theatre, I didn’t expect The Convert to be that kind of play that would teach me about the ongoing problems in Zimbabwe. Before I went, I expected the play to be a more modern play, but in a good way The Convert was interesting as it helped to show me the social class differences and struggles between the white British colonisers and black native people in Zimbabwe. I really liked the arrangement of the stage because it had an old-fashioned set. Also, the way the sides of the stage moved down to form a box represented Esther being trapped by religion and then up again at the end, as she was freed and able to break away from religion. Another thing I liked was the lighting and the way it was set, for example the way the lighting created a cross on the floor during the second act and the way the lighting went onto the characters when they came out. This was interesting because it attracted my eyes straight away and made me more interested in the play.


The only thing I didn’t like was when the characters had their back towards us sometimes; this was quite annoying as it didn’t let me to see the characters facial expressions during important moments of play. I do hope this would be changed next time they perform this play again. I would, however, 100% recommend this play to people who would want to learn the social problems of Zimbabwe.