David, 16

This trip to the theatre was the best I have ever been to. I really had fun watching this play. Overall the play contained many different themes such as religion, love, identity and choice. I think that I found this play very interesting because one of the main themes was choice. This was a huge theme shown through Esther trying to find the correct path to take and the choices and sacrifices she had to make; she even had to give up her family for God. Religion is also a huge theme in The Convert. My favourite part of the play was when Esther was singing to God, but she was saying the wrong words, because it made me laugh. My worst part of it was the fact that the play’s staging meant that whilst the actors were performing their backs were sometimes turned to us and I really didn’t see some of the major parts. The seats were also really uncomfortable, but I just had to adjust myself and watch the play. The stage and lighting were really good, and I really liked the transition of the walls of the box moving up and down, which represented Esther’s desire to escape. Overall this play was the best.