Abisola, 16

Before arriving at the theatre, I attended a workshop which involved me using Foley to get a better understand of how the sound in the play works, as well as brainstorming themes I thought would come up just by reading couple lines from the play. For those who don’t know what Foley is, it’s the reproduction of everyday sound through the use of clothes, shoes and food? I’m also as shocked as you are as well as fully amazed! Throughout the play a reoccurring motif was the oppression of female voices which was seen when the character of Carla and Silvia were constantly shut down by dominate male figures in the play. For example, when Silvia said, “I was thinking” and Francisco repeated what she said in a very rude and judgmental way. It showed that he believes that women shouldn’t have a say and must conform to what society wants them for. A quote that stuck out to me from the workshop is “Silence is no longer an option, whatever our gender” because it’s something we as a society have been facing for decades; “women can’t speak, can’t write, can’t read” when is this all going to stop?

“ Silence is no longer an option, whatever our gender.”

Can we all as a society agree that this is wrong and the patriarchal society, we live in should stop suppressing women and give them the freedom to do as they wish? Thinking back to the parts of the play that emphasized women’s social status, the bit where Silvia tells Francisco she’s unable to shout because she trying to protect her throat and Francisco says, “are you trying to save your throat for the next manager”. WHAT TYPE OF DISRESPECT IS THAT? It makes women seem as though they are sexual objects for men to toy around with.