Hafsah, 16

Sis this play was spooky, I mean sis popped off! At first, I had no idea what I was going to watch but after the workshop it gave me an insight on what the play was going to be about, which touched on ideas of the female voice and male emotional self-mutilation. The female voice within the play was constantly being challenged, and reduced to the sound of screaming, which could highlight how men choose to filter out what women speak about. The character of Francisco constantly belittles Silvia; he has complete disregard of her voice and opinion and only cares about getting his own way, and to finish the scene. Additionally, despite Francisco being condescending towards the female characters, he is also quite rude towards Gilderoy as when he is presented to be quite vulnerable by talking about the topic of his mother, Francisco mocks and ridicules him. This is quite rude in my eyes; he’s travelled from London to help you and you’re doing this? This may show how Gilderoy subscribes to emotional self-mutilation in order to conform and feel a part of society. He also does this when Silvia is shouting at him about the terrible scenes and Gilderoy stays silent, which shows his fear of sharing his opinion. He therefore represses his thoughts and feelings, which made me feel quite upset as I thought this was the reason why he begins to lose his mind. Silvia scenes she says to Gilderoy “silence is the sound of real fear” which again links with the idea of being emotionally manipulated and not being able to voice your opinion. The play in general was quite spooky, as there was a lot of black outs and screaming which got me shook! Overall, it was one of the best plays I have watched. One criticism of the play is that I wish that it could be a bit longer as it was extremely enticing but we wasn’t able to find out whether Gilderoy actually went to Italy or not, however leaving me with that idea made me question everything.