Hakim, 16

During the play I definitely felt a lot of emotions, as the plot progressed, I started to feel angry, shocked and confused. I felt shocked at the way the women were treated. Even though this play was set in the past, these problems are currently happening where women are being harassed and abused. An example I can think of was the Harvey Weinstein scandal. The fact that the director continued to dominate Silvia made me feet livid at the sight of his sexist acts. Also, Silvia was still trying to go against what the patriarchal society was dictating by trying to have her voice heard. I found this inspirational as she was risking her job which is the most important thing to people back then. Other emotions I also felt during the play was confusion. This was because there were times the characters were speaking in Italian which I could not understand at all. This made me rely on sound and actions that the actors were showing to make out what they were saying. However, I felt they did this on purpose to show how Gilderoy was clueless throughout the play and hadn’t noticed the sexist actions that were happening around him.