Imran, 16

So, before walking into the theatre I was confused about the production mainly because it was a psychological thriller about a sound producer helping with horror movie, so I wasn’t sure what to expect. The start of the play was slow but still enjoyable; it began, and it felt like a comedy, Gilderoy was confused and busting jokes, the two Foley artists were called Massimo and Massimo. It made me feel at ease and comfortable… that was… until the play actually started to develop. The Foley started to become creepy. The melon sounded like someone’s guts being taken out and being swung around. Nothing extreme was happening yet my skin felt like it was peeling, the fact that you’re able to get sounds like that from a watermelon is just amazing.

“ Nothing extreme was happening, yet my skin felt like it was peeling.”

The main thing that shocked yet intrigued me was the treatment of women. We had a workshop before the production and we spoke about ‘harvesting’ the voices of the women in the play, it became clearer as you watched that Sylvia’s voice was literally harvested, in the sense that Francesco and Gilderoy were using what they wanted and throwing away the rest. It was somewhat symbolic of what people do to animals in the way we take what we want and throw away what we don’t want. The development of the character of Sylvia was interesting since she had such an impact on Gilderoy and how he transitioned from being a passive character who tried to fit in with Francesco, to becoming a dominant character towards the end. The entirety of the play was interesting, despite having a couple boring bits like when Gilderoy was listening to tapes from his mum, it was cute and all, but it ruined the pace of the production…. Although it was kind of necessary, since I needed some time to wrap my head around what had happened previously. Overall, the play made me feel intrigued, like when your friend says something dumb and you want to see where the story leads. In six words: confusing and intense, but overall enjoyable.