Mauritius, 17

The psychological horror play, Berberian Sound Studio, was lit! One thing that I found most interesting were the Foley artists as they created sound effects such as breaking bones with celery and flying birds through the flapping of gloves. The use of sound effects with objects intrigued me more because I never knew that the use of objects could create realistic sounds, impersonating realism. It was really cool seeing the two male Foley artists interacting with both the surrounding objects and microphones so actively on stage to create these realistic sounds. Who would’ve thought that somebody would finish a-levels, beat up watermelons as a job and get paid for it? I can’t stop them from chasing their bag, but personally I’m never believing David Attenborough’s Nat Geo Wild’s documentary sound effects EVER again… Anyway, one of the themes that I enjoyed the most was the reflection of suffering for the presentation of art. This is because I believe that behind closed doors people behind the scenes struggle and come across difficult obstacles, while audience members are oblivious due to not knowing what individuals went through for the “beautiful” end production.

“ Who would’ve thought that somebody would finish A-Levels, beat up watermelons for a job and get paid for it?”

A scene where I saw this is when both characters Carla and Silvia were used by characters Francesco and Gilderoy for their voices to scream for the film, even when they had sore throats. Although they had previously disagreed to this, they were tricked into doing so. This was developed further as the empowerment of men over women within patriarchal society was shown. It was a really fast and impactful play, there were either new characters being introduced, weird or scary music being played or a big commotion every minute. The type of play that gave people horrific ideas but relying on the audiences’ imagination to interpret the messages. It made me constantly fixed on what was going on and what was going to happen next, it was so unpredictable! I loved it!