Philip, 16

When I first heard about the play and what it was about, I knew I would either hate it or get my entire life and I’m glad to say that the latter is what I experienced. Although I could talk about every amazing aspect of this play, I would love to talk about just one scene that had me all the way slain. So, there’s this part of the play where Gilderoy is practising Foley with some leaves. He’s supposed to be working on the noise that a torture machine would make, instead he begins to change the sound into that of what can only be described as a hell spawn. You couldn’t actually see what the monster Gilderoy was creating looked like, but sis… one could only imagine. In fact, that’s what made it so terrifying to begin with. The fact that you couldn’t see what he was thinking makes the atmosphere tenser, usually as an audience, we know what the main character is thinking because they are our window into the world. However, this play is different, and I think it’s to give the same helplessness that the characters are feeling in many parts of the play and the Santini film Gilderoy is working on. And to be honest, I’m very here for it. When the sound was being projected, you could hear the hoofs of the beast circling the room, but you could never see it. On top of that, because the noise started on stage, where there were some leaves, you could see them move as the sound began to move. Grrrrrl, when I heard that, best believe a sis was shook! I just want to emphasise how it actually felt like I hooved beast was grunting and stomping around the theatre. Before I write too much above my word limit for this review, I just want to say how much I loved the play. It’s a must see for people who want to properly think about what they have seen and for those who enjoy a good thriller.