Angel, 15

I felt connected to the play in multiple aspects. I felt more connected to the sister when she spoke up about Black Lives Matter.  A quote from this was “we have to fight against them!” I think the word them referred to ‘the system’ and how unequal it is towards ethnic minorities mostly black men.

When I first entered the Ovalhouse theatre, the scene was set up as a funeral with a semi-circle of flowers and Brian’s favourite football team scarf. The feel of the room was airy, and at first I felt missing like I wasn’t supposed to be there. A quote that I heard a lot that was mentioned in the play was “you’re a child you don’t know nothing about anything.” Muna Otaru who played the mother said this quote; her character was relatable, because the older generation think that the younger generation don’t know anything, which I think is an understatement. However, there were some things that I didn’t quite like or didn’t understand such as the music. I didn’t really understand why they chose that particular type of music. Another thing I didn’t quite understand was the changing of colours on the outline of the face. Overall I enjoyed the performance I would highly suggest others to go watch.