Daniel, 15

Yesterday I went to the theatre to watch the play Custody that I found very cool. The first time that I entered the theatre, it was scary. The actors were just moving very slowly and acting almost like spirits. Yet, as the play continued I learned about a family that had lost their brother, son and boyfriend. Custody made me understand how we are all different to somebody depending on the relationship we have with this person.

While watching, I personally felt like an intruder, as the actors were saying really personal stuff. One of the quotes that touched me was when the mum said to her second son: ”It should have been you”; it made me realise that when you are angry you can say things that you do not really think.

Another thing that I found extremely fascinating was the jealousy within the family, particularly between the two brothers. It reminded me of the story of Abel and Cain in the bible and it emphasises how all things come from a root cause. Also, the mum left Christianity to use witchcraft or traditional beliefs just to hear the voice of her son, which I found very interesting and very powerful as well.

“ At the end of the play I wanted to ask the actors many questions.”

The repeated movements at the beginning and at the end of the play reminded me of a single day; anything could happen, but the sun and the moon will not stop for your situation. Time continues. At the end of the play I wanted to ask the actors many questions, but I believe that the reason they could not answer me was to make me think myself.


Overall to me it was an excellent play which makes you learn about different cultures, ways of living and how people are being affected by real life situations.