Erica, 13

This play moved me. From the emotive facial expressions to the impressive set. It was quite clear that it was well thought out, like the glowing red face silhouette which seemed to be very much in-your-face, which only further highlighted one of the main important issue they were trying to display, police brutality against black people. I liked the use of colours on the set, such as blue for sadness and such to show the characters’ grief about Brian’s death. This really made me empathise with them.

His younger brother (Urban Hayo) in particular had an amazing performance, going from a disobedient childlike character to an activist; standing up for what he believes in. I saw this as a great use of character development. Overall, I would recommend this to people of all ages and ethnicities as it emphasises prevalent issues in our society such as prejudice and the stereotyping of black people.