Mumia, 15

As the play ended, I recollected on stories and instances I heard before, be it here in the UK, or America. Custody conveyed the poignancy of death and the cyclical nature of grief. Institutional racism and the aftermath were displayed in the story of ‘Brian’. His family saw him from different viewpoints- as shown in the play’s poster – which shows the fragmentation of his identity. I felt that the play had a white vs black stand point which diverted my attention, they suggested that the issue suggested was more than institutional racism it was also a societal issue- Also the police being white played a significant role, I felt that white being the enemy of black was also proposed in the play. The play also, had a police vs racial minority standpoint, which is prevalent in current times, so the subject matter intrigued me.


The actors’ portrayal of the different characters was interesting- especially the wails I heard. Overall it commanded my attention, be it the choice of ‘stock’ music and the array of lighting that seemed to ‘frame’ the piece. However, there were moments that I was disappointed with the set design, as it felt somewhat amateur; I think the set should’ve been minimalistic to refrain from distracting the actors as they had to move. I felt if they would’ve left the moving set and had the block with some light direction the play would’ve been more emotive (but I do understand what they were going for). The music at times was also somewhat uncomfortable, due to its volume. Overall, quite satisfactory.