Gabby, 14

The thing I liked the most about the ‘Strange Fruit’ (written by Caryl Phillips directed by Nancy Medina) was the storyline because it’s one of those things where, if you’ve seen it over and over again you’d never get bored and you’d still enjoy it as much every time. Another thing that I liked was the small stage because it’s easier to concentrate and get engaged especially because the setting (set design by Max Johns) was very minimalistic so it fit the size of the stage and it made the use of proxemics and status easier, which helped you to make it more interesting and engaging for the audience.


Another thing I liked about it was that even though it was about something quite serious and a lot of the scenes were, it still had moments where it was funny so it kept you engaged in the play instead of getting distracted. I also like the way they used the music and the gobo (to create leaves) because even though the characters talked about the drums and sitting in the sun in positive ways, even though most of the times they showed it before something bad was about to happen which contradicted what they were saying about that being there happy place.  Overall I think this was a very good play because it was entertaining but also upsetting at the same time so you was able to feel different emotions. Personally I would give it a Gold medal rating as I enjoyed it a lot.