Sara, 14

In my opinion ‘Strange Fruit’ was a very engaging performance. I think this because all of the cast worked very well together and they presented the relationships between the characters very realistically. Another thing I liked was the theatre. I felt like it was a very welcoming atmosphere and it was also quite relaxed. In addition to this I think that because of the location of the theatre it draws in people from lots of different backgrounds as when I have watched previous performances in different theatres the audience were mainly from one background so I liked the fact that the audience was very diverse.

Another thing I liked was how realistic the whole performance was and how you hear real stories like that and you could tell the cast felt comfortable around each other and that helped the relationships stand out clearly and realistically. I think that one of the best actors was Jonathan Ajayi. I think this because he really made you not like his character because of the way he delivered his performance. I would give it a gold medal.