Umar, 13

My name is Umar and I am writing this to inform you about my experience at the Royal Academy of Art. I was really intrigued because there were lots of different stuff that I was able to read about and different things to see. A theme that I think was important was power because for example, Greta Thunberg is trying to convince people to try and stop global warming, which is what is the best for our future.

However, what made me think about power was because Greta is young which would make her less powerful because 88% of young people feel like they are not being listened to and being heard as a normal human being, just like Greta. For example, Donald Trump wouldn’t listen to her because she is young and has no power and he doesn’t care about our future because he is old which would make me think that he would end up dead before global warming will kill him as he is not thinking that we also still have a future ahead of us.