Ishmail, 13

Was the service great? I would like to point out something before I explain and attribute my feelings towards this play. When me and my friend were waiting in the line, the security guard clearly saw us in the line, and he had the audacity to come over and try and kick me out. Both of us were black and this made me feel disappointed seeing as he came to us instead of 3 white kids my age.


Let me move on to the play. It had good voice projection and good stage directions, as well as a sophisticated use of vocabulary. I liked how the clones wore the appropriate attire for each of the characters’ personalities. For example, the bad clone had on a leather jacket and trainers and he was being disrespectful towards his dad. The respectful clone was wearing smart clothing and giving out intellectual words. The father had lots of soliloquies, expressing his thoughts. I liked how they changed from classical music to sad music. Overall, I rate it a 6/10, mainly because of the white security guard.