Megan, 13

As soon as I stepped into the room, I felt uncomfortable because we were the only children in The Bridge Theatre. As all the eyes came upon us, it made me feel as if I was some sort of monstrous creature trying to attack them. Some of the staff talked to us like we are animals. As we took our seats, I felt very fidgety and bored. Some of us even felt tired … as soon as the lights flicked off; dark, suspenseful music filled the room. I felt very scared; I couldn’t see a thing.


When the lights suddenly appeared on the characters were on stage. ‘A number?’ was the first thing the character said. Me and my friends were really confused because we did not understand a thing.As the play swiftly moved forward, the audience were laughing at things I didn’t understand. At first, I thought it was just me, but it wasn’t. My friend felt the same way. Maybe the play wasn’t made for children like us.


As the play came to an end, I finally understood what the play was about, but when I did the play had come to an end. I felt disappointed because I thought it would be longer than it was. The worst part was that we didn’t have a toilet break or have time to get comfortable.