Temi, 14

A NUMBER: Personally, I think that our seats were some of the best seats ever, as it made it possible for us to view the stage comfortably. I felt emotional; it was confusing at the beginning, then it became clear and interesting. I feel like the music is instrumental and it was really amazing to the ears…people around me were obviously enjoying the play as they were laughing. They had a really good use of costumes. I liked the way the background kept changing. For instance, different living room arrangements, a kitchen…etc.


I saw a real performance, it felt so real and I think that the actors should be rewarded adequately as they also portrayed different emotions. There were no varieties of actions. The father said, “should I kill myself?” I thought this character was wicked. To be honest, I wished the play could go a little further because I was starting to get engrossed in the play and the story. I was able to explore different thoughts and a new place [Bridge Theatre]. I think the writer did a really good job as she thought outside the box to make a difference.


What was the message of this play?

Does the play have a part 2?