Ishmail, 13

Firstly, the play was fundamentally important due to the fact it was International Women’s Day the day before we watched the play. Possibly they were celebrating it by putting women as the main actors… Back to the review, I thought that the bar was giving off smelly fumes, but I got used to it by breathing through my mouth. When we sat down, I expected a complex script and acting, which was what happened. But I ended up falling asleep, but then the play pulled me back to the actors in an intriguing way because of the plot and the sound effects. It was compelling and creative. What was most creative was when there were Noras from different times such as one in 1918 that was talking about the war and the 1968 Nora that just wanted a perfect Christmas and the 2018 Nora who was getting blackmailed by an ex-boyfriend.