Joel, 14

One warm evening our school organised a trip for the Critics’ Club. In my opinion, the theatre was a cool place and busy and the people in charge of the place showed us love, especially Kwame and his partner. They taught us some history behind the (Young Vic) theatre and even when it was built and their upcoming 50th anniversary.

I really enjoyed the play and the characters were very good because they acted very well and professionally. But there were also a lot of negative attitudes in the theatre and this is because:

  • The actors were swearing a lot 
  • The characters were really confusing us because one has to act as a different character at a different time. 
  • The waiting room was full of alcohol.

The play did make me laugh a lot, especially when they were dancing. The background of the stage was creative due to how it was snowing and it was kind of magic.

I would like people, especially young people, to go to the theatre because nowadays kids my age like to read, but it would be better for them to visit the theatre to help them in their critical thinking and creativity.