Umar, 13

I entered the building and went to a room where we met Kwame. I think that Kwame is a really nice person and I really appreciate the work that he does and that at one time he was the only Black artistic director of a theatre in Europe, USA and in the UK. I also found him a really welcoming and nice person which made me feel really welcome. 

In my opinion the play was good, but it was confusing at first. The reason I liked the play was because there was suspense. At the start of the play, I was confused when they changed characters, but I realised that the 3 women were all Nora and Christine, which also made me use my critical thinking skills. 

I think that the director, writer and actors have put a lot of thought into the play by having a very detailed script. For example, a women [Anna-Russell-Martin] said a lot of swear words and liked alcohol and had a Scottish accent. From my own knowledge I know that there are Scottish people that like to drink and swear a lot which made me think that they were thinking about what really happens in real life. And the Noras in 1918 and 1968 were also detailed because I know that that was the type of clothes they used to wear at that time.