We believe that every young person, regardless of their background, should have the opportunity to enjoy the richness of the arts and our cultural spaces.

Championing arts & culture for all

Young people who are not exposed to cultural spaces as children can grow up feeling that they are not for them and that they don’t belong there. Marginalised and excluded, they miss out on opportunities to enjoy the benefits of arts and cultural engagement. We exist to promote equal access to arts and culture for all young people.

Tackling cultural elitism & structural inequality

The world of arts and culture is overwhelmingly white and middle class. It’s no wonder so many young people don’t see themselves represented there. We want to see an industry that is diverse, inclusive and accessible for all.

Breaking down barriers

Widening accessibility to arts and culture means more than offering cheap tickets. We recognise the multiple barriers that young people may face. Our programme invites young people into these spaces, elevates their status and empowers their voices. 

Giving young people a voice

Our programme radically shifts the power balance of who can be a critic. We view participants as people and not pupils; they take ownership of their voices, giving visibility to different perspectives and opinions.

Combining business & social impact

We exist as a social enterprise and not a charity. This means that we are a business tackling a social issue. We commit to reinvesting our profit back into the business to help it grow, allowing us to work with as many young critics as possible.  

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