Berberian Sound Studio was staged at The Donmar Warehouse, London. It was written by Joel Horwood and directed by Tom Scutt.

Set in Italy in 1976, Gilderoy (Tom Brooke) has left his mother and old country life in Dorking behind to embark on a new journey. Previously a Foley artist for nature documentaries, he is now employed by the infamous Santini to work on a very different kind of film in the Berberian Sound Studio. An adaptation of Peter Strickland’s cult horror film of the same name, Berberian Sound Studio is a “darkly comic, sonic experience” that explores the relationship between art and ethics and fear and silence. Objects create sounds you could never dream of and voices are warped from behind glass screens. As the line between art and reality becomes more blurred, so too do the power dynamics between characters and their complicity in what goes on around them.