The Black Mirror: Art as Social Satire exhibition is showing at The Saatchi Gallery, until 17th February 2019. It features work from 26 artists from around the world.

Satire is a technique used to expose and criticise the absurdity, foolishness or corruption of either an individual or society by using humour, irony, exaggeration or ridicule. The Black Mirror: Art as Social Satire exhibition at the Saatchi Gallery shares its name with Charlie Brooker’s TV series which depicts a sombre world overrun by consumerism and technology. In this exhibition, a collection of artists from around the world showcase a wide variety of work from photography, sculpture, painting and print. All the art explores themes including society’s obsession with ‘quick fixes’, political uncertainty and social anxieties, power and corruption and the absurdity of the modern world. The exhibition intends to highlight the power of satire as a vital political and social tool and explores the role of the artist as a satirist and social commentator. The beauty of art is its multidimensionality; it can question and mock social and political structures whilst being funny and absurd!