Visit Ovalhouse theatre in London to see POT, which was written by Ambreen Razia and directed by Sophie Moniram. The cast is made up of Sophia Leonie, Gamba Cole and Wahab Sheikh.

Set in the living room of a council flat in London, POT revolves around 17-year-old Louisa (Sophia Leonie) and her story around gang crime, the child care system and choices… or the lack thereof. Louisa wakes up in the front room of Miles’ flat, following the events of the party the night before. She questions her surroundings, the location of Josh, her boyfriend, who also runs a drug empire, and why she cannot, despite all of her efforts, leave the flat. As we follow her story, we learn about life in gangs as a young person and how one ends up in the situation to begin with. We are told a story of accountability, pain, survival and forgotten, invisible children with no way out. The play concludes with an extract from a speech by Theresa May, explaining that “if young people are drawn into gangs, then we need to ensure we provide viable ways out”. POT examines the lifestyle of those who the state has failed in not ensuring this, and the tragedies that can ensue.