Visit Donmar Warehouse to see Sweat, directed by Lynette Linton. After spending two years interviewing residents of Reading Pennsylvania, one of America’s poorest post-industrial cities, Lynn Nottage wrote Sweat. The play follows the lives of a group of friends working the factory floor by day and drinking heavily by night. Yet when Cynthia (Claire Perkins)  is promoted to a managerial position and Tracey (Martha Plimpton) learns of the factory’s plans to recruit immigrant workers, cracks form in friendships and characters’ lives begin to unravel, as they are forced to make impossible choices. Sweat tracks the decline of industry, unionism and the working class in the US and highlights the reality of living in a society in which ‘they’ll always be able to find someone else to get their hands sweaty’. An almost Shakespearean-like tragedy about the consequences of unbridled capitalism, Sweat comments on the America we see today, one which is deeply divided by economic hardship, racial tensions and hostility.